Shipping policy

Age representation

You represent that you are at least 21 years of age and that somebody at least 21 years of age will be available to accept the order delivery and indemnify Wines of Kings for any consequence of age misrepresentation from the intended recipient.


Shipping conditions

Wines of Kings purchases wines from direct sources in Italy. Orders may take up to 45 days to reach our clients in the United States, depending on US customs clearance and weather conditions, to ensure the order's highest safekeeping. For this reason, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date. Our customer care team will contact you via email with a tracking number a week to ten days before the delivery date.


Shipping charges

Wines of Kings ships directly from Italy every order via air to minimize transit times and ensure perfect provenance. To cover direct international air shipping, Wines of Kings charges $49 for each shipment under $1,200 and ships orders above that for free. Wines of Kings Members have free shipping rights no matter the order size.


Shipping care

Since its release from the cellar, Wines of Kings promises always to store your purchase in a professional, temperature-controlled space. While in transit, your order is in the hands of reliable shipping partners with a structured temperature-controlled shipping distribution chain across the country.

Wines of Kings reserves the right to withhold your shipment in extreme weather conditions. Should you require the delivery to occur, Wines of Kings will not be responsible for damage to your order. Should you experience severe weather in your area and need Wines of Kings to delay your shipment, send an email to, and Wines of King's customer service will accommodate your request. 


Shipping laws compliance

Some state shipping laws restrict Wines of Kings' ability to ship wine. If your state is not available as a shipping option at checkout, please email us to discuss your options.

Should Wines of Kings be unable to deliver your order to comply with changes in the shipping laws, your payment will be refunded in whole unless a different shipping address is provided. 

Wines of Kings retains the right to decide if it can legally ship your order.