bhn n.23 Barolo 2018

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A late-harvest Barolo illuminated by power, grace and a focused purity, bhn No. 23 2018 Barolo is derived from 50-year-old Nebbiolo vines at the highest elevations in the Barolo appellation. Aged in large oak casks, the primary fermentation develops over 60 days. Silky and graceful, the complex bouquet exhibits notes of violets, blood orange and rustic, tilled Earth . With only 3,000 bottles in existence, this 2023 debut demonstrates carefully measured intensity and marks the first wine produced by growers that meet the strict, premium, quality-controlled standards. This inspired, elegant wine evolves in the glass, beaming with poise, elegance and rousing aromas. 



Pairs beautifully with:

This rich and luxurious wine pairs perfectly with hard, salty cheeses such as the Parmigiano or the Provolone, or pecorino with truffles. Barolo is also packed with tannins and acidity that allows it to pair best with flavorful dishes like pasta (carbonara, FTW), risotto, or decadent mushroom dishes. Last but not least, it works well with game meats, cured meats, veal, and beef. 

How to Serve:

Barolo is best served at 64-68°F or 18-20°C, for a memorable flavor profile. It tastes best when shared with friends, family and loved ones (*we can’t prove it, but we’re pretty sure that’s a scientific fact). It can be served to impress and enchant your friends or even your enemies! What we’re trying to say is - it’s really quite special, this wine. 

And about this label…

Perhaps our most sentimental label, the bottle of the No. 23 2018 Barolo features a hand-drawn illustration by Marco, bhn’s co-founder. It depicts Marco and his partner Cristina’s beloved and curious daughters, walking a path in Rome as children, at the same time and place that the couple became enthralled with the process of winemaking.

A Bit of Trivia: 

Barolo was historically referred to as “King of Wines and Wine Of Kings”. An impressive distinction that Barolo holds over most other Italian red wines is how it has impressed royalty over the years. In particular, Barolo was an enormous favorite of King Albert of Savoy, who is reputed to have purchased the Verduno Castle solely because it housed General Staglieno, who has a reputation for creating some of the best Barolos of the era. It takes a special kind of wine to be so good that it influences the decisions of royalty, and this interest in Barolo as the wine of kings extended into the 1800s when King Vittorio Emanuele II also took interest in the wine through the purchase of the Fontanafredda estate. This means that Barolo has practically carried a royal seal of approval over the centuries and the moniker holds true.

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