Wines of Kings Membership - Discounts and Free Shipping

$269.12 CAD

Wines of Kings Membership helps you get the most out of everything Wines of Kings has to offer:

  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $600, continually, for any destination.
  • 5% VOLUME DISCOUNT on all orders over $600 and 15% off our member selection of wines. See the full collection here.
  • Get a complimentary bottle of EVOO and a  2.3 lbs slice of parmesan chees upon signing up!
  • PRIME ACCESS, a three-day exclusive on all new releases before they are accessible to the public
  • WINES OF KINGS DAY, a yearly event delivering exclusive savings for members

From cellar-to-cellar, or cellar to shelf, we maintain the highest standards, thanks to close relationships with the finest producers of wine across the globe, ensuring authenticity.

We maintain strict, direct, temperature- controlled delivery from the cellar to the customer, guaranteeing the integrity of each vintage’s character and flavor profile.